Friday, November 21, 2014

Loyalty Rules Men's Fragrance Market

More than half of consumers use perfume or cologne. And when it comes time for holiday shoppers to stock up on gifts for their loved ones, one in five will opt to give cosmetics, fragrance, or a health and beauty aid, September 2014 data from Deloitte's "29th Annual Holiday Shopping Survey" found.

In 2012, the NPD Group reported that men's fragrance occupied 2% of US direct-to-consumer (DTC) beauty sales, trailing behind women's fragrance at 11%. DTC beauty sales include consumers buying from department store websites, online-only beauty retailers, and TV or home-shopping retailers.
New data from the NPD Group's 2014 Men's FragranceTrack Report indicated that 80% of men who make fragrance purchases plan to do so ahead of time, regardless whether they were buying for themselves or as a gift for someone else. Two-thirds of them also know which brand they will buy in advance.

Like women, once men choose a scent, they often stick to it. Many of their purchases occur when they're low on supply and need to restock their favorite fragrance. According to NPD Group, the most desired characteristic for a scented body product is one that is "subtle" with a "light scent" and backed up with "good value." Eight in 10 men use some type of scented product, whether a body spray or fine fragrance.
The biggest motivator for men's fragrance purchases remains replenishment. Six in 10 men's fragrance purchases tie back to restocking. Because they know what they're looking for, men are more likely to purchase online. But when they're looking to buy a new fragrance, men still flock to brick-and-mortar stores, compelled by the ability to try on several different scents before committing.
Fine fragrances, body sprays and other scented products are sometimes used in tandem—more often by men than women. Just over 30% of women use a fine fragrance and body spray at the same time. Half of men do.
Among scent users, this type of dual usage is very common, indicating space on the shelf for several different products at the same time. What remains most important is loyalty. Once men settle on a fragrance, they remain fiercely loyal to the brand that makes their favorite scent. And it may not be until the next time he tries on a new fragrance that he considers making a switch.

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