Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Importance of User Experience for Digital Marketing: 5 Key Tips

The changing shape of the digital world as we know it is going to make an understanding of user experience even more imperative.

User experience is becoming an increasingly popular feature of the digital landscape. But as digital marketers, we don’t always have a clear view of what it is, and how it impacts our work. 

In my work as a user experience designer, we often work closely with digital marketers. Although the budgets for both types of work often come under the broad heading of "marketing money," the responsibilities of each and the outcomes they deliver vary considerably. 

Fundamentals of user experience, and how it impacts their work.

1. User Experience Is Not Just About Interfaces

2. User Experience Touches the Product Itself, Not Just the Promotion of It

3. Experience Happens Anyway – You Only Get to Decide Whether You’ll Design for It
4: User Experience Uses Multiple Research Approaches
5. User Experience Will Subsume Much of What Currently Counts as Digital Marketing 


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