Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Digital Transformation in 2015

What are some of the changes that marketers can look forward to, and begin to prepare for, as 2015 approaches?
If you read my column with any regularity, you know I recently moved from a small social mobile advertising start-up to a digital post at Edelman, the largest independent PR firm in the world.
An interesting transition, to say the least, but one I made quite deliberately. I've found it immensely important to always be looking at digital marketing from new perspectives. I also love uncovering the commonalities across contexts. While vernacular, process, and partners tend to be different, marketing fundamentals are remarkably enduring.
Digital transformation isn’t new, we’re more than 20 years into this "trend," but in many ways, much of our organization is at best woefully ignorant and at worst scared of the digital world.
Many years ago – things have likely changed – I was leading an agency account team for a global beer brand. At the time, in the U.S., there were two - yes two – digital-specific employees in the entire organization. They both were media buyers. Granted, they filled many of the gaps with digital agencies and technology consultants, but this was a very clear indicator of their digital maturity.
Constant Change
There’s no end state to digital transformation.
Digital is constantly changing and a commitment to investing in technology and business models that engage digital customers is an exercise in ongoing agility and adaptation.

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