Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How do product recommendations influence buyer behavior?

From the original matching algorithms to show similar products to the sophisticated machine learning technology that now harnesses user behavior insights, the world of recommendations has changed immensely.
Over the years, online shoppers have gotten more and more used to seeing and acting upon product recommendations.
Indeed, according to Metail, 56% of consumers say they would be more inclined to use a retailer if it offered a personalised experience.
While we know product recommendations are a definite driver of ecommerce success, how exactly do they influence buyer behavior? Let’s take a look.

Definite influencer of purchase decisions

An Infosys study on consumer behavior showed that 59% of shoppers who have experienced personalization in their shopping agree that it affects their buying behavior.
In the real world, this impact on buying behavior could range from influencing a future purchase, to prompting an immediate additional purchase or even recommending a product to friends based on exposure to these recommended products on e-commerce sites.

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