Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mobile Ad Spend in Mature APAC Markets to Grow by Double Digits in 2015

Japan and South Korea are both mature advertising markets, where total paid media spending is expected to grow slowly throughout eMarketer’s forecast period. In Japan, single-digit growth also extends to digital ad spending—though in both countries, mobile internet ad spending is expected to increase at much faster rates in coming years.

This year, eMarketer estimates, digital ad spending in Japan constitutes 22.7% of all paid media spending in the country; by 2018, that figure will reach nearly 27%. Even as digital ad spending growth slows to 4.5% that year, it remains faster than total media ad spending, which is expected to remain all but flat. Mobile internet ads already account for 28.6% of digital spending in Japan, but their share is expected to rise significantly, to 59.6% by 2018. That year, 16.0% of all paid media spending in Japan will occur via the mobile internet, including search and display formats served to mobile phones and tablets. 

Mobile will play an even larger role in the South Korean advertising landscape. Mobile internet ad spending in South Korea has more than doubled two years running and is just shy of $1 billion this year. 

Though growth will slow to 18.0% by 2018, that will still give the mobile internet a 73.2% share of all digital ad spending and 26.4% of all paid media ad spending in the country. Digital ad spending overall is expected to grow more quickly in South Korea than in Japan in coming years, maintaining double-digit growth rates through at least 2018. 


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