Friday, December 12, 2014

Mobile First! How to Hit the Ground Running in 2015

The mobile sector isn't slowing down any time soon. Are you prepared to keep up in what's sure to be a fast-paced 2015?
If you’re still waiting in the mobile marketing wings, while your competitors take center stage with mobile ad marketing, let’s make 2015 the year for your mobile debut. Let’s make this the year that you not only integrate mobile into your mix but that you lead your plan with it. Sector by sector, brands are increasingly adopting a mobile-first strategy. There are reasons for this growing comfort among your peers. It’s a great time for you to jump into it, yourself: here’s why and here’s how.

Why Now, Why Mobile-First?

Over approximately the past five years, we’ve seen programmatic media inventory and options — data analytics, audience modeling and targeting, campaign management systems — mature far beyond expectations. Why? Because programmatic mobile tech is at its core, replete with rich data sets, sophisticated audience tools, and systems to confidently implement and scale all efforts in this arena. What’s more, if inclined to lead with mobile, you’re not starting from scratch. Many have been this way before, so you can benefit from a treasure trove of their collective learning.
Of course, in leading with mobile, you acknowledge the role of connected devices in the day and the life of the consumer. As a recent IDG case study shows, 80 percent of users employ their tablet to make purchases. Sixty-nine percent use their smartphone. Clearly, savvy marketers should not ignore mobile. They can use this platform and its powerful place in the consumer’s day to drive to other platforms along the path. And while mobile may not be appropriate for all conversions or purchases, a well-developed mobile UI and experience certainly have proven their ability to drive consumers to larger screens or even into stores to execute. This is important! The same IDG study referenced above found that 53 percent say that a bad mobile experience makes them less likely to buy from a brand.
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