Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tablet users visit a site 5 times before buying and other mobile commerce facts

This intriguing missive came to me from a company called Content Square. They’re a French start-up whose raison d’ĂȘtre is optimizing digital platforms to increase conversion rates. A noble cause.
Their first infographic is called the “E-Commerce Tablet Barometer“. The English translation is a little wonky, but the data is interesting and so I thought it was worth sharing.
The main point of the piece is that tablets aren’t exactly the “one-click” wonders we expect them to be. Few, if any customers sit down with a tablet, go right to the product they want and buy it with a single tap. I can hear you rolling your eyes and sighing. . . ‘well, of course not’ but there are mobile apps that let you can buy just that easily – Amazon, eBay, any site that takes Apple Pay. . .
Here’s what customers do before they hit the “buy” button:
  • They visit a site 5 times before making the decision to buy
  • They spend an average of 18 minutes poking around on the site
  • During an average session, a buyer will click 70 times on a website, looking at different items, checking out options, viewing images, etc.
Content Square Prepurchase
That’s a lot of information consumption.
But here’s the thing; how we consume data on a tablet isn’t the same as how we consume data on a desktop.
Content Square tablets
The average website “fold” lands at 775 pixels. Granted, going below the fold isn’t the issue it used to be. We have bigger screens than we did a few years ago. Also, blogs and continuous scrolling websites have slowly trained people to go below.
However, no one is going to bother scrolling if you don’t catch their eye with the top 775 pixels.
When we move to the tablet, it’s a different story. If your site has been optimized for mobile, it probably shows up best in portrait mode. Now, 3357 pixels are on screen at a glance. That’s more opportunities to catch the consumer’s eye. And because we like putting our hands on things, people are more likely to scroll down on mobile than on a desktop.
If you’re not optimized, the consumer will likely see a version of your website that doesn’t fit on the screen and that won’t hold their attention very long.

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