Sunday, August 9, 2015

Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store Delivers Savings, Speed

Likelihood/Adoption of US Digital Buyers Purchasing Digitally and Picking Up In-Store, April 2015 (% of respondents)Cash savings, shorter delivery times draw consumers to buy online, pick up in-store

Demand for buy online, pick up in-store is growing, and recent research suggests consumers are drawn to this purchasing option in order to save a few dollars or get their hands on purchases earlier.

When an April 2015 study by Blackhawk Engagement Solutions asked digital buyers about what would make them likely to try buy online, pick up in-store—also known as click and collect, particularly in the UK—86% said they would consider purchasing this way to save $10 on a $50 item. Speed was also appealing: Nearly eight in 10 respondents said they would consider buying digitally and picking up in-store if it meant they could receive an item three days earlier. In all, 45% of respondents had purchased online and picked up in-store in the past six months.
Blackhawk noted that buy online, pick up in-store offers perks for retailers, too. Not only does it reduce shipping costs—it also gets customers in-store, where they’re likely to purchase more. Similarly, in an interview with eMarketer earlier this year, Chitra Balasubramanian, head of business analytics for RetailNext, said: “Shoppers who buy online and pick up in-store end up spending a lot more once they get to the store.”
While some research points to low adoption of buy online, pick up in-store among retailers, more recent studies suggest usage is rising. When an April 2015 study by KPMG and The Consumer Goods Forum queried retailers worldwide about the shopping/delivery options they offered, buy online, pick up in-store was the most-used one, cited by 59%.
Similarly, when a March 2015 study by Forrester Consulting for ACI Worldwide asked fraud management professionals worldwide about the types of omnichannel shopping options offered by retailers, 74% cited buy online, pick up in-store/click and collect—the No. 1 response.

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