Saturday, December 12, 2015

Do Social Network Users Want Buy Buttons?

Interest is lowest for Facebook's buy buttons

Social networks have been experimenting with—and even fully implementing—buy buttons into their platforms for a while. And though social media users are turning to platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to research brands and products, they are not that interested in actually using the buy buttons there.
Social Media Users Worldwide Who Are Interested in Using Buy Buttons on Social Media, by Site, Nov 2015 (% of respondents) 

GlobalWebIndex polled social media users worldwide ages 16 to 64 in November 2015. When it came to their interest in using buy buttons via select social media networks, few were interested: Only 17% of respondents who used Tumblr said they were interest in using Tumblr's buy buttons, and those were the most popular.

Even fewer said they were interested in Instagram’s (14%), Pinterest’s (13%) or Twitter’s (12%) buy buttons. Interest was lowest for Facebook’s buy buttons; just 9% of Facebook users said it appealed to them.
Expected Change* in Revenues According to Retailers in North America, by Channel, July 2015 (% of respondents)
Buy buttons may still seem like a new concept to users, even though this idea of social commerce has been reinventing itself year after year. And retailers are somewhat optimistic and expect to see a change in revenue because of them.
A July 2015 study by Boston Retail Partners found that by the end of 2016, retailers expect to see a 34% increase in revenues from social media, which includes buy buttons. But again, there’s a ways to go. Some 28% of respondents said they expect no change.

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