Thursday, December 10, 2015

How native is the recipe for success for CPG brands like Nestle and Kraft

The right time for native

Native ads work and they work on mobile, where traditional ads are less effective.
Mobile devices are the primary way people plan, research and cook during the holidays.
During Thanksgiving, 44% of people will use their mobile device to search for recipes. We know mums still do a lot of the cooking for families and when it comes to reaching the highly sought after Millennial mum segment, 76% look up recipes online.
For CPG brands, it comes to two key objectives: getting your products on the shopping list and influencing shoppers at the shelf.
From planning to cooking to eating and entertaining, if you understand how to make it a stress-free holiday, you’ll have no problem capturing holiday shopper dollars.

Make it on the list

During the holidays, the home cook’s activity is centered around Pinterest and blogs.
Mobile is the key to planning, researching and cooking a holiday meal and the numbers prove it:
  • 44% use mobile to search for recipes during Thanksgiving holiday
  • 78% of Millennials use their smartphone to aid in their holiday grocery shopping
  • 70% of Millennials use their smartphone to aid their holiday cooking
  • 27% are worried about cooking multiple dishes at once
  • 33% of hosts cook for ten or more guests


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