Sunday, December 27, 2015

Omnichannel Strategies Benefit Sales

Areas Where Implementing an Omnichannel Strategy Has Been Advantageous According to UK and US Retail Executives, 2013-2015 (% of respondents)Customer service advantages are also present

Omnichannel strategies have a lot going for them, according to retailers in the US and UK who have begun to implement plans to help their customers shop whenever, however they want.
The biggest factor is sales, according to respondents to LCP Consulting polling from 2015. Overall, 68% of retail executives said an omnichannel strategy had boosted sales. That was about even with 2014 levels, and up from 57% who said the same in 2013. A solid majority of respondents also agreed that omnichannel strategies had helped them deliver better customer service. Here, however, responses had not changed much over time, hovering around 60% since 2013. 

It was an open question, meanwhile, whether a retailer’s operating model benefited from omni channel. Respondents bounced back and forth year after year, with about half agreeing operations were better in 2015 due to an omni channel strategy. Many retailers have changed how they fulfill orders because of cross-channel needs, and noted changing pressures on the supply chain from omni channel practices.


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