Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Forecast for FSI and Digital Offers in 2016?

It’s no surprise that brand marketers will continue to rely on free-standing inserts (FSIs) this year as part of their marketing mix. Meanwhile, digital coupons will become a more important component of a brand’s promotional campaigns. 

“Innovative technology and shifting demographics are impacting how media are being consumed and how offers are being distributed. However, the most desirable results are still achieved when the message is delivered while the shopper is receptive to the information, or better yet, while they are actively seeking information and making purchase decisions,” said Dan Kitrell, Vice President, Account Solutions, Kantar Media, provider of competitive brand and retailer advertising and promotion intelligence.
But beyond the obvious predictions about FSIs and digital offers are many trends and developments for brand marketers to consider as they formulate their promotion strategies for 2016.

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