Saturday, May 28, 2016

Digital Ad Spending in India to Surpass $1 Billion Next Year

Digital still accounts for just a quarter of the total media market

India’s media market is growing robustly, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates of ad spending around the world. Total media ad spending in Asia-Pacific’s second-largest country is set to grow at double-digit rates through at least 2020—and those growth rates are even set to rise in the coming years. 

This year, eMarketer estimates, advertisers in India will spend about $7.41 billion on paid placements in all media, up 11.3% over 2015 spending levels. By 2020, spending will hit $11.82 billion.

Most of that spending still goes toward traditional media—and will continue to do so throughout eMarketer’s forecast period. This year, just 12.6% of all ad spending will go toward digital. In 2017, digital ad spending in India will surpass $1 billion and will amount to 14.3% of total outlays. By 2020, the figure will be 20.2%.
And mobile, in turn, is an even tinier slice of the whole pie, at just 3.3% of total media ad spending this year. That translates to less than $250 million in ad spending—nothing to sneeze at, however, considering it represents a doubling of 2015 mobile internet ad spending investments in India.
Mobile is also a relatively small share of digital ad spending, but that’s changing quickly. This year, just over a quarter of digital ad spending will be mobile. By the end of eMarketer’s forecast period, that share will almost double, to 50.2%. At that point, just over 10% of all ad spending in India will go toward mobile placements.