Saturday, July 9, 2016

Grocery shoppers will switch brands for a good sale.

Sales,coupons and other promotions have a significant effect on the choices grocery shoppers make about their CPG purchases, the June 2015 survey found. To start, nearly six in 10 reported looking for sales or coupons related to their CPG needs on digital platforms before they went shopping. And if shoppers do find a coupon or deal, they may change their mind about which brand to buy because of it. 

Coupons influenced brand decisions for 15% of grocery shoppers before they went shopping—more than any other source of influence. Promotions were the second-most-influential, with the ability to sway 14% of respondents. These were nearly twice as influential as direct requests by other members of the household (8%), meaning a coupon is more powerful than a family member’s craving for most shoppers. - 

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