Wednesday, December 21, 2016

FMCG Product Sampling: Traditional Instore, Digital & Beyond

CPG/FMCG Brands rely on product sampling as part of their marketing mix for decades. Many Brand Marketers have tried different approaches including sampling at MT outlets, Malls and even digital sampling.

Traditional product sampling methods have always been a chosen method of getting product into the hands of consumers. However there are many challenges like who is actually getting the samples? Will the customer from my target group? Did he like the product and will he buy the product the next time? With traditional sampling, brands effectively lose touch with that consumer the moment they walk away with the product sample. 

On the other hand Digital sampling has somewhat solved the issues but due to high costs and lack of scale make them not a desired solution.

There is now a 3rd and most viable option introduced by a company in India which uses the power of digital, local mom & pop store and neighbourhood marketing to effectively target and sample to the consumers. This type of Hybrid Sampling is extremely scalable, targeted and measurable. Since redemptions and customer details are captured online, re targeting the customer becomes extremely simple.

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